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Christ Alive World Wide Ministries/ CAWWM Productions ​ask that you please continue to keep us in your prayers as we carry out our mission and continue to inspire others through Christ. Thanks to your support, our mission to reach beyond the physical walls of the church and affect communities is in full effect! We are connecting people with the knowledge of Christ's love via: 

This Website



 Zoom Biblical Understanding Classes




Biblical Counseling

and other projects that move the soul


Through our Christ-centered, nontraditional, activities, we're determined to reach those who reject Christ because of a lack of understanding about the practical application of living a more positive, loving, and successful life, beyond what they could have ever imagined. As for the curious, and nonconformists, we are confident they too will be drawn into a healthy spiritual experience. Our goal is to get the true message of a better life through Christ, out to those who have given up, lost their way, or can't figure out HOW to nurture a relationship with God.


FUNDS ARE NECESSARY! In order for us to continue our mission, we need others to support our cause. If you love Jesus and understand how necessary an organization like Christ Alive World Wide Ministries is, search your heart and ask the Holy Spirit if you should give and how much. ​No donation is too small to impact families and communities.

Make a quick financial contribution using:

Cash App Cash App:


We pray you give generously in obedience to the Holy Spirit!​


Thank You,Minister Brian & Audrey Kay

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