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Christ Alive World Wide Ministries/ CAWWM Productions

A 501c3 Nonprofit Organization

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You don't have to be "religious" to serve God, just sincere.

Praying Together
Be Prepared for Transformation

For better life, a better way of living, and a more peaceful and productive existence, we're here. Christ Alive World Wide Ministries is here to help; regardless of denominational affiliation,  church attendance or non attendance. We offer classes, events and services to assist in the growth and development in your relationship with Jesus Christ. 


If you are fed up with the concept of ritualistic worship leaving you empty unfed and unchallenged. If you have the spirit of a warrior, this is where you belong. 

Christ Alive World Wide Ministries is not a church, but a Spiritual Enrichment Group, that will use what you have to help up you grow into your full potential

as a human being. 




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Fair  warning; our way is not easy, just a better system for some. If you want transformation like air, we will work for you! If you've got questions and like small group settings we're here for you. If you've got talent you'd like to freely use as a form of worship, you'll belong.

Join the prayer vigil _ 05.04.20 _ 7PM _
_The LORD is my light and salvation-whom
_The LORD is my light and salvation-whom
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