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To give honor and cash to a deserving soul! 

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CAWWM Holiday Ble$$ing

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There are several charities in the world. Some have millions of dollars and do great work for others. CHRIST ALIVE WORLD WIDE MINISTRIES, producers of the TODAY WITH AUDREY KAY show and the LUNCH WITH AUDREY KAY radio broadcast; will bless someone YOU know personally with cash in celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


We want to bless that unsung hero who's still out here in the race and on the battlefield daily, doing good work that you know would be pleasing in the eyes of God. 


We’ll bless that friend, neighbor, or relative who's always there, reliable, and dependable. We want to bless that hardworking man or woman you know, who do their best to raise children and make ends meet during these uncertain times. 


We’ll bless the college student you nominate, who deserves some extra pocket money because they're an upstanding person working hard with a smile on their face and good intentions in their heart.


By donating at least $20, 

you're eligible to nominate someone you know, love, and admire, to receive our yearly CHRIST ALIVE WORLD WIDE MINISTRIES 

Holiday Ca$h Blessing 

if their name is pulled in the 



6:00-8:30 pm 




Make a tax-deductible donation to the cause simply because it makes sense to bless these kinds of wonderful folk! (see flyer)


Your tax-deductible donation will be pooled with other donations to award a chosen recipient (if chosen in our live drawing) with at least $500 cash, just in time for Christmas! 


Nomination Deadline:  Friday December 15, 2023

(All nominees must attend the Zoom drawing ceremony to receive the cash blessing) 


Giving deadline: Sunday December 18, 2023

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