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Salutations and peace to everyone reading this post.

I have a mission in life. I know some of you more enlightened ones out there are going, "We all have a mission!" and you would be absolutely right. But I want to talk about my own mission, get your own blog and talk about yours if you like. My mission is to expose the devil in his various forms and disguises. It's to take the mask off his face for all the world to see how this nefarious spirit operates.


The first thing I want to point out, contrary to what many believe, is the devil is not a person. The devil is a spirit, an actual angel created by God who got mad at God because he wanted to be above God. He didn't like his place in heaven; he wanted more! He wanted God to be his footstool. But, since it's impossible for anyone to be God, other than God; it put him in a very precarious position. His desire was an impossible dream, a futile quest.

So what was to be done with this creature? God in his wisdom kicked him out of heaven. Aren't you glad? Contemplate for a moment the extraordinary ramifications of a take-control, no-nonsense God, flexing! Not like man, looking for attention and catering to his ego, but like a wise, all-loving, all-powerful, GOD!!! Just think, when you and I die and go to our eternal, perfect, resting place, we won't have to deal with the likes of Satan, nor the angels smitten by his slithering nature. We won't see the devil, OR our worst enemy in heaven unless they've changed, then you'll be glad to see that person. Your worst enemy can change and find Jesus, the devil however, will NEVER change, NEVERRRRRR.


Since this is my assigned mission, of course, I encounter the devil A LOT. Not as a physical manifestation, I encounter him in the most ordinary everyday ways. I may see him in the news. Not like most people, peddling obvious evil. It may look like something that we're told is good news, but reeks of evil undertones. I may see him as smiling-faced liars. I may see him in movies and music pushing his evil agenda, being followed by millions as a pied piper. I may see him in "harmless" television programs and social media posts specifically designed to gut the spirits of unsuspecting and vulnerable users and voyeurs. I sometimes see him in the eyes of souls he's captured. Those he has manipulated into evil lifestyles that lead only to death, depression, sadness, or destruction. I see him as he moves on families, robbing households of moms and dads, pitting mothers against daughters, fathers against sons. I see him peek-a-booing in controversial blogs and advertisements developed by highly intelligent minds who know the alluring formula of a Charlotte's web message. I see him in empty, hungry, desperate eyes, looking for a way to fill that vast hole inside by any means necessary.


I also encounter him in my head, and my heart, dear readers, as he constantly attempts to throw me off track and convince me to lay down my weapons of warfare. And, because this is my assigned mission, alas, I'm destined to see these things. But as with any gift, assignment, or mission we are called to do, I am given grace by the almighty, as you are, to stand for the way of Christ. For this reason, we are all given supernatural assistance for the task at hand. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I manage to resist the devil sometimes... Sometimes I get snared based on my weaknesses which he uses to trap me, but it doesn't stop me. I can't. In fact, if any of us stop our mission, it's impossible to live a fulfilling life and the lives of others are at stake. If I abandon my post, I am not loving my God; I am not loving my brother. I am loving my comfort and the foolishness of my flesh more.


I hear you out there going, " Well, I love God, but I wouldn't want to tangle with the devil! That's no fun!"; then you shouldn't! because if you do, and this is to those thinking it would be a good and noble thing to do, you will certainly put yourself in harm's way. Sure, evil is a real force we all have to deal with. But just like anything else, it isn't necessarily your mission or calling. I wasn't called to be a surgeon, --that's life. So answering the call, I rise and do all I'm called to do. I get knocked down, let down, and bruised in the battles, but I know that the victory in the end, belongs to God. I rise after each hurtful battle, feeling better a little stronger and wiser, and God uses that strength and wisdom to sustain me for His glory. And again I arise to pray, another day, endure another battle, and call out the devil's lying, deceiving ways, as I carry on my appointed mission to all who will hear, and that, my friend, is what I call a good time! Being on God's agenda and feeling I've accomplished another victory for the Kingdom, because when I am successful in the eyes of God, somebody, somewhere, is going to be blessed; somebody somewhere is going to give God some praise, hallelujah! I may not know them, and I may not ever see them, but it's happening. Some freed soul is now "living la vida loca"--I mean living for Jesus-- because I chose to pay the price of obedience.

Well I'll tell you something, my sweet, innocuous reader, you'll have to deal with the devil, anyway. I've been chosen by God for a certain mission, just like someone else is chosen by God, and without malice, to deal with a debilitating illness, to be a soldier, a preacher, to be a beggar, or a prince. We've all been called to do something my friend, and whatever we've been called to do, we are well able to do it, and do it with success, even if it kills us!


Oops! I shouldn't have let that cat out of the bag! Who wants to die? I love Jesus, but I don't want to leave the earth just yet. My point is, whatever your mission in life, accept it. If you don't fight it, you'll find that you're naturally drawn to it and I guarantee you'll find a type of joy. What may be hard for others is easier for you and you'll enjoy a deep sense of purpose. Purpose for a higher call on your life results in peace and focus. The cares of this world won't strangle the life out of you, because you're doing what your Creator has asked of you.

My mission, once again, is to help expose the ways of the devil, and I will do it in the name of Jesus; to help you, to help me, and to help the world. What's your mission? Do you accept it in Jesus' name?

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